There are quite a few online companies which offer free cloud storage and we are here to recommend only the best. Most of these companies offer free or paid accounts, paid accounts are more popular because they have more storage space. It’s vital to store your files in the cloud so that you never lose them. It also makes it easy to share files with friends and family. Cloud storage has become the preferred method for individuals and businesses to store files. A big advantage of storing files in the cloud is that you can access them from anywhere, using your laptop or phone. We tested only the best cloud storage providers and will recommend only the best to you. We personally recommend Justcloud for home and business use.

In-depth details about the best cloud storage providers on the market

Below is a comparison table of the top companies which offer cloud storage. You can also consider getting a paid account because it’s very affordable and offers you much more storage space. Imagine you could store your files in a place where you know it’s impossible to lose them, a place only you had access to. Hard drives are becoming a thing of the past as more people move towards storing files in the cloud. Cloud storage has made it possible for businesses to cut costs and operate more efficiently.

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Why individuals and businesses need to store data in the cloud?

People around the world work day and night on their personal computers and that is where they store most of their data. Nobody wants to lose their hard work due to power failure, memory shortage or virus. Its very important to continuously save your work while working. If our files and other documents are so important to us then why we are lacking behind in protecting them? Why are we missing the spot where we need to back up our data?

We all know that hard drives are prone to crash which can lead to the loss of important data. Many businesses have realized that cloud storage helps their employees store/access files faster which can increase productivity.  The graph below shows why it is better to backup all your files in the cloud:

free cloud storage

If we go back a decade we never thought that the environment we are living in today would be so modified and highly technical. Since computers and laptops are vulnerable to viruses and crashes, storing files in the cloud is the best choice you have. Backing up data is crucially important as it will keep your data safe but also you will be able to restore files when you need them.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud computing or commonly known as cloud storage is becoming popular these days as it’s the cheapest web hosting solution to users. There are number of companies world-wide who were using dedicated and complicated servers for web hosting but as of today researchers have concluded that these companies are now mending their ways towards free cloud hosting as their cost is cutting and they are getting solutions. Some of the richest companies are switching to free cloud storage and they are happy with the results because the cost of free cloud hosting never exceed the budgets.


Basically cloud storage is based on many servers contributing their resources together to meets some requirements for the client. It is a simple arrangement of data center where conception skills are put to use in command to make the complete hosting concept trouble-free. This technology has taken over and it is beneficial for companies and individual users because everything is collectively being managed by cloud hosting and there is no need for operating systems or devices that need to be set up or managed. All the user needs to do is load the application and the rest is done automatically.

Nowadays technology has become more flexible and the reason behind this is that the hardware and software configurations of the servers can be changed and modified in accordance with the requirements. The settings of the system get automatically updated which leads to convenient updates in the technology as required by the clients any time they want. Using free cloud  storage is very easy and also secure.

External storage versus cloud storage

Compared to external storage, cloud storage results in more benefits and provides a complete data backup. You also have the option to restore the data whenever you are in need. External storage is becoming less popular because its not as secure as cloud storage. Another disadvantage about external storage devices is that they have limited space.  You can restore your data as many times as you like and there are almost minimal chances that your data will be lost or go corrupted when using cloud storage.

People are getting aware and they are equipped with the latest technology gadgets. We have more options these days when it comes to the type of storage you want to use. Storage devices have definitely come a long way. Now there are portable hard disks, compact disks with more storage and memory cards for storing data. People have now started to rely on these sorts of storage devices for storing their data and they have been doing this since for a very long time.

Secure all your files with free cloud storage today

Cloud hosting has become a necessity for all the users around the world. As it is the only practical option to make your website exposed to other online users and platforms. While looking for cloud servers, hosting solutions or VPS, only two choices are available. You can either opt for free cloud storage solution or paid hosting solution. However there are factors that need to be considered while opting for cloud hosting. Free cloud hosting comes with a number of advantages which are as follows.

  • Easy implementation – no additional hardware or software are required to be purchased and installed making it cheap to afford
  • Powerhouse of resources – cloud hosting service can keep a track with the best web hosting service providers out there relating to servers resources and bandwidth.
  • Free supplies – cloud hosting comes with free static IPs.


Cloud storage has completely changed the perspective of consumers storing their data. The solution has given more reasons to consumers to back up and restore their data as many times they want. There are many options to choose from when it come to the best cloud storage available, we hope I recommendations will help.